MSB works hard to cultivate an environment in which a close-knit community of students, staff and parents can thrive. Part of our recipe for success depends upon parent involvement. Volunteers help strengthen our community through their energy, enthusiasm and ideas. In return, they gain a deeper understanding of MSB’s mission and educational philosophy. This demonstrates to MSB students the importance of, and the gratification that comes from, giving back to their community the same way their parents do!

As part of your commitment to MSB, we expect that you embody this spirit and share your talents through volunteering. We ask that parents take an active role in their child’s education by observing in the classroom, attending events, volunteering and through financial contributions. There are social functions such as work-parties, fundraisers and special events that provide ample opportunities to contribute throughout the year.

Volunteer Expectation

Parent volunteers are critical to MSB’s success as a school and as a community. We expect every family to contribute to fundraising, community events, classroom outings and campus work-parties in some capacity. Contact office@msb.org to learn about ways to volunteer and let us know your talents or areas of interest!