Annual Auction

For nearly 30 years, MSB has been celebrating it’s students and families with a spring benefit. Usually in the form of an auction, this annual event is a fun gathering and our largest fundraising event of the year. It involves lots of preparation and gives parents a great way to socialize, as well as display a wide array of talents through volunteering. This is an event you don’t want to miss.

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Auction Chair Hall of Fame

2020: Rachel Kinne, Emily Tarleton

2019: Rachel Kinne, Mitch Lum, Emily Tarleton, Arcana Srikanth

2018: Jacqueline Holden and Ciza Srivatsa

2017: Romina Davlos-Lopez and Heather Davis

2016: Jacqueline Holden and Ciza Srivatsa

2015: Nisha Eakembaram and Ciza Srivatsa

2014: Cathi Juliano and Jen Weprin

2013: Renee Rutz

2012: Renee Rutz and Dharshini Pillai

2011: Lisa Hawash

2010: Debbi Craven and Liling Sherry

2009: Debbi Craven

2008: Agni Bhatt and Becky Ponzi

2007: Anu Khaira

2006: Lana Finley and Anu Khaira

2005: Deana Hyland and Monica Enand

2004: Melissa Salvador and Deanna Hyland

2003: Lorraine Irino and Melissa Salvador

2002: Lisa Hawash and Jill Quiner

2001: Benita Peretz and Linda Witt

2000: Benita Peretz and Linda Witt

1999: Sadna Shenoy and Linda Witt

1998: Deborah Lockwood

1997: Deborah Lockwood

1996: Carol Bennett and Sally Locanthi

1995: Carol Bennett and Sally Locanthi

1994: Carol Bennett