The Role of the Teacher

Many of us tend to picture a teacher at the front of a classroom presenting lessons to a large group of students who are seated behind desks. In Montessori education teachers operate very differently. Their role is to observe each child and present lessons to them when they are ready. In this environment each child receives what they need when they need it.


During the day, Montessori teachers are moving about the classroom observing the students, helping children choose work, presenting lessons, and posing provocative questions that promote thinking.


In a Montessori classroom, very little time is spent managing classroom behavior because the children are actively engaged in activities of their choice. Montessori students tend not to act out due to restlessness or boredom because they are absorbed in their work.


The Montessori teacher controls the environment, not the children. This unique role allows the Montessori teacher to be a trusted guide and mentor.