Faculty – Our Guides

We tend to think of teachers as lecturing from the front of a room to a whole class of students at once. Montessori teachers operate quite differently. The teacher’s role is to carefully observe each child and present lessons when the child is ready for them. They spend their time moving quietly throughout the classroom orchestrating the class at work, helping children choose something to work on, presenting a lesson to an individual or small group – answering questions, and posing provocative questions that promote learning.

Our teachers don’t spend much time managing classroom behavior because the children are actively absorbed in doing activities they have selected themselves. Our students don’t suffer from excessive boredom or restlessness because they are absorbed by their work. At MSB the teacher controls the environment and guides the children.

Our teachers are trusted guides and mentors. All faculty members hold bachelor’s degrees, and in some cases, Master’s degrees. In addition to these degrees, our teachers hold diplomas from the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Through selective training centers worldwide, AMI offers a demanding graduate degree including child development, Montessori philosophy and curriculum. This diploma is recognized internationally for maintaining the highest standards of philosophical integrity and professional training. All staff members are active in continuing education and participate in local and regional workshops, conferences and attend professional In-Service days. Emergency First Aid and CPR training is renewed on a regular basis.

Our teachers are recognized within the community as being top-notch educators who set the standard for pre-K through 6th year education. We certainly believe our faculty to be among the best in the nation. Collectively our seasoned staff have more than 100 years of experience nurturing the minds of the future.

Primary Teachers and Assistants


Salamander Room:

Nora Mix, Teacher

Liz Riemer, Assistant



Tree Frog Room:

Sally Coulter, Teacher

Qianyi Wu, Assistant



Ladybug Room:

Robin Myers, Teacher

Heather Kessler, Assistant




Willow Room:

Gabriel Barber, Co-Teacher

Caitlyn Lucas, Co-Teacher



Trillium Room:

Katy Carter, Teacher

Emma Cherry, Assistant



Cedar Room:

Dana Ten Broeck, Teacher

Sarah Muscutt, Assistant


Elementary Support Staff


Meghan Kearns, Outdoor Education

Ryan Comandich, Spanish