Board of Directors

The Montessori School of Beaverton, Ltd. has been a nonprofit corporation in the state of Oregon since 1987. The Board of Directors is responsible for financial policy and prudence, and for hiring and supervising the Head of School. Information on Board membership can be found below. Any correspondence with the Board can be directed to:

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Meet the dedicated members of our current Board

President: Jane Foerster

Jane Foerster joined the Board in January 2016. She has twin daughters who graduated from MSB in 2016. Jane has been a consistent volunteer at MSB helping with chaperoning, auction projects, cooking, and driving. Before having kids, she was a journalist, taught middle school for several years, and worked as a tutor after moving to Portland in 2000. Jane loves kids, is passionate about helping others, and will bring a unique perspective to the Board.

Vice President: Michael Barton

Michael Barton joined the Board in December of 2012. He is a native Portlander who returned to the area in 1987 to work on the Intel supercomputer project and is now retired. Michael has triplets who attended MSB for nine years apiece. He is also on the Board of a local free-market think tank.

Treasurer: Jeff Petrillo

Jeff Petrillo joined MSB’s Board in January 2014. As a parent of two MSB graduates, Jeff believes that Montessori education plays a transformative role in the world and that MSB does an excellent job offering a quality Montessori program. Jeff’s professional expertise centers on real estate consulting, financial underwriting/analysis, organizational grant writing, affordable housing policy and commercial development. Jeff brings years of experience as a Board member on several non-profit organizations.

Secretary: Cooper Roach

Cooper Roach joined the Board in January 2020. He graduated from MSB in 2008 and continued his Montessori education through eighth grade at Hershey Montessori in Huntsburg, Ohio. After graduating from Santa Clara University, Cooper moved back to Portland to work in Global Finance at Nike where he manages enterprise-wide, Long-Range Financial Planning. He believes that a Montessori education catalyzes self-motivation, curiosity, a desire to always learn, and instills confidence in children that lasts a lifetime. Cooper’s experience as a Montessori child and in corporate finance and strategy will be valuable in the long-term success of MSB.

Member: Shauna Pettit-Brown

Shauna Pettit-Brown joined the board in June 2019 and has been a part of the MSB community since 2006, when her oldest started in the Tree Frog Room. From the first time she visited the school as a prospective parent, she knew MSB and Montessori education was going to be an integral part of her family’s education. Throughout the twelve years her two boys were at MSB, Shauna actively volunteered as a chaperone, robotics coach and served on several auction planning committees. Shauna is a Consumer Insights professional at Cambia Health Solutions where she works with cross-functional teams to bring the human-perspective to Cambia’s product and service development process.

Member: Luisa Ponzi

Member: Atul Shah

Atul Shah joined the Board in October 2018. As a parent of two MSB graduates, Atul believes that Montessori education provides an excellent foundation for creative learning and independent thinking. MSB plays an exceptional part in making sure that children are learning through self-directed learning, which helps build independence and confidence. Atul began his professional career working for General Dynamics\NASA for approximately 8 years and was involved in testing and launching the Atlas rockets from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Thereafter he has been involved in Engineering capacity as Senior Management at Intel, IDT, SolarWorld and currently at DWFritz Automation. He has served voluntarily on the PCC Microelectronics Advisory Board. Atul also volunteers his time at Good Samaritan Hospital in downtown Portland.

Member: Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson is an MSB graduate! Pleased to be able to offer his perspective and expertise to a school he loved, Eric joined the MSB Board in November 2013. An engineering graduate of Oregon State University, Eric has been working at Mentor Graphics for over nine years, where he is involved in developing a new ECAD (Electronic Computer-Aided Design) package.

Board Membership

MSB Board membership is a very meaningful way to serve the school, as well as serving the cause of Montessori education and its ideal of creating a more peaceful world.

Alumni and alumni parents may apply for board membership, as may outstanding community members with an understanding of Montessori philosophy and a passion for education. Inquiries are welcome at

The initial term for an MSB Board member is 3 years, which may be followed by renewable 1-year terms. The Board meets quarterly and as needed between regular meetings. Board business is normally handled between the quarterly meetings via email. Board members are asked to attend the annual MSB auction and to contribute to the Annual Appeal. The time commitment is approximately 5-10 hours per month.

MSB Board members enjoy working collaboratively, are dedicated to upholding MSB’s mission of Montessori education, and wish to promote the best long-term interests of the school. They are guided by the National Association of Independent Schools’ Principles of Good Practice description of board responsibilities and individual members’ duties.

Applicants are asked to write a letter to the Board giving their reasons for applying, and a description of their background, skills and the unique insight they would bring to the Board.