Welcome to MSB

At MSB, we take great comfort in the idea that children are the hope and the promise for our future.

We see evidence of this every day as children are inspired to contribute to their fullest, are comfortable to make choices, take risks and make mistakes, take leadership roles, and create within the synchronicity of the community. They are living embodiments of the characteristics needed to define the 21st century.  Our children are guided by a loving community who are thoughtful, curious, well-educated teachers and assistants, and supported by an admin team who work in collaboration to prepare our beautiful environments for optimal learning. In addition, our community is bolstered by families who believe in an education that values social education and emotional intelligence as well as academic excellence.

In our reception we proudly display a “scrabble-board” created by a group of elementary students listing words they chose to describe what they have gained from an education at MSB. They titled it “Personal Qualities Not Measured by Tests”.  Their thoughtfulness and articulation are a humbling testimonial to our mission and vision. These words include: empathy, resilience, courage, curiosity, civic mindedness, humility, resourcefulness, reliability, spontaneity, self-discipline, compassion, creativity, critical thinking, and self awareness.

MSB alumni follow paths loyal to their interests and passions, keeping alive the flame of curiosity and love of purposeful work that we spark.

Truly, knowledge is power, and MSB is a compass guiding children to develop an understanding and respect for the interdependencies of all life on this planet, enabling them to become contributing members of local and global society. By exemplifying and highlighting the human tendencies common to all people, our students come to understand that no matter their ethnicity, religion, or place on the planet, all beings work to fulfill the same basic needs. We are all one. Within this deep-seated love rests our hope for the future.

Thank you for your interest in MSB and Montessori education,

Cathy Swan

Head of School