Planning your Visit to MSB

Throughout the year we offer informational nights and educational opportunities for prospective parents and current families. Contact for a list of upcoming opportunities. Because of limited availability, Classroom Observations are limited to families engaged in the admissions process as outlined on our admissions page.


While we prefer advance notice, you are welcome to drive by our campus or stop into our office to speak with reception.

We have many different visitors in our classrooms including current parents, prospective parents, and teachers observing other teachers. We are careful to schedule observation times when you can see a typical day and not overload any single room or interfere with lessons.


Classroom Observation

If you are going through the admissions process and have scheduled an observation, you can expect to be on campus about an hour and a half. Generally, classroom observations are approximately 20 minutes.

You will be encouraged to take notes during your observation. Our aim is to address any questions you may have.

General Guidelines

We ask classroom guests to follow a few general guidelines:

1. Visits are intended for adults. Babies in arms are welcome. However, please make outside arrangements for toddlers. We do not provide care for children during observations. 

2. Turn off all electronics when in the classroom.

3. Be as unobtrusive as possible. Remain seated. The children are comfortable having observers, so smile and respond if a child greets you or asks you a question. But please do not initiate interactions with the children. We want you to be able to see what the children naturally and normally do.

4. Please don’t interrupt the children or the staff with questions about their activities. Make note of your thoughts. An administrator will address your questions following your observation.

5. Feel free to take notes or write questions on the pad of paper provided.

Things to look for:

How is the environment similar to or different from other school environments? Is it different from your expectations?

Do you see evidence of children concentrating or following through on tasks?

How does the teacher interact with the children?

How are the older and younger children interacting?

Are the materials well-organized and well-maintained?

Do you hear some interesting conversations?

Can you guess the purpose of the activities you see?