An Alumni Story – Meet Savannah!

Time at MSB: One year of primary through sixth grade (2006 graduate)
Middle School: Hershey Montessori Farm School
High School: Montessori High School at University Circle
After High School: University of Southern California
Extracurricular activities: Founder of Montessori Peace Now, volunteer work, cooking, travel

What was your transition like from MSB to your middle school?

My situation differed from most of my fellow sixth grade graduates because I decided to continue my Montessori education at a boarding school outside of Cleveland, Ohio. For me, the biggest transition was learning how to live independently and in a community of peers. Having said this, my academic transition was almost seamless. I found that the practical life skills and the hands on approach to academics that I developed at MSB to be the biggest tool to my new success at independence.

What is the biggest lesson you learned at MSB that has stayed with you?

Above all else, MSB taught me independence. I never felt intimidated by my teachers, we had a very organic relationship that allowed me the flexibility to pursue the things I was interested in, such as an in-depth country profile of Venezuela, making a clay-mation movie in Spanish to help learn verb tenses, or organizing a class fundraiser to provide toiletries to the families of migrant workers. I had the opportunity to take leadership on so many projects throughout my time at MSB, which has not only given me the confidence to lead in my middle school and high school, but also allowed me to take genuine interest in subjects that I wouldn’t have otherwise. For me, MSB was more than just school. It was my home base where I felt so incredibly comfortable with the community that I wasn’t afraid to take advantages of all of the wonderful opportunities

What is your favorite memory of your time at MSB?

During lower elementary, I had a teacher who was always thinking outside the box and coming up with creative ways for us to learn. One day, she took our class to a secluded park near school, where nature was our classroom for the day. I vividly remember laying out a blanket and spending the day with my friends learning about botany, doing creative writing exercises, drawing, and eating a picnic lunch. At the time, it seemed like the best day ever and it provided so many memories that we ritually brought up throughout our time at MSB.